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  • Grew up in the Silicon Valley, CA
  • Graduated from UCLA as a Fine Art major and Anthropology minor
  • Managed a team of 15 at a multi-level sales company
  • Started up Carlyle Galleries, an art auctioneer in Beverly Hills
  • Took overpriced real estate investment seminars, and took action
  • Moved back from LA to the Bay Area in financial turmoil
  • Active participant in Landmark Worldwide's personal development programs
  • Advised Bay Echo, a Bay Area non-profit for Asian American Teens
  • Became Director of Marketing at Wilson Investment Properties
  • Co-authored a #1 Best Seller on Amazon
  • Founder and President of BACOMM, the fastest growing Silicon Valley commercial real estate investment club
  • Married a wonderful Bulgarian man
  • Immigrated to Bulgaria to make Bulgaria known for producing the world’s best honey
  • Empowering people to live drama-free lives and deal powerfully with change.
Jennifer Zhang

The One Thing That Changed Everything

In the #1 Bestseller, The One Thing That Changed Everything, I tell my story on How I Found Success as a Passionate Real Estate Investor and Intrepreneur by Age 24.

“Going from entrepreneur to employee is not selling out. As an intrapreneur working for a successful entrepreneur, I make a bigger impact on more people in less time.” -Jennifer Zhang in The One Thing That Changed Everything

" This book by Kyle Wilson and his fellow contributors can be a major turning point in your life, opening your mind and heart to the world of unlimited possibilities that resides within you. "
- Brain Tracy, Author, Speaker, Consultant

This book includes powerful stories from the Founder of Jim Rohn Int, a 3x World Series Winner, a #1 Podcaster, Real Estate Syndicators, Top Sales & Leadership Trainers, a 2x US Memory Champion, a PGA Tour Mentor, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, and many more who share transformative stories about the one thing that changed their lives and set them on the path for success.


What is BACOMM?

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Here's What People Are Saying About Jennifer

Kyle Wilson, Founder Jim Rohn Int &

Jennifer Zhang is wise beyond her years! She continues to surround herself with amazing people and is consistently taking positive actions and getting results. Im honored to be a co-author with her in the One Thing That Changed Everything book! #millennialsrule!

Dan Noble, Financial Results Coach and Principal of REal Partners

I am a regular at many of the local real estate investment groups and without question, BACOMM is the most professionally produced, directed and executed. Extraordinary content and plenty of networking time in an environments one can actually speak to others and hear what is being said. Thanks Jennifer, Tom, and team!

Tom K Wilson, CEO of Wilson Investment Properties

As a 5 decade real estate investor, I have seen Jennifer grow from having limited knowledge about residential real estate to being able to run my commercial syndications business in my absence. She inspires me every day and is truly a successful a powerful young leader in our industry!

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